Social Equity Task Force

The Social Equity Task Force explores issues around distance education and social equity.

Call for Research Proposals

FOLD is inviting submissions of proposals for research initiatives that explore matters of equity and accessibility to distance theological education. This Social Equity in Distance Theological Education project includes opportunities to present in a Webinar and an onland conference associated with FOLD, as well as review of submitted proposals for publication in later phases of this study.

We are interested in receiving submissions in the following research areas:

  • adult learning
  • intercultural education
  • socio-economic
  • disability
  • race
  • gender
  • religion
  • bullying online
  • accessiblity of technology
  • high school

Please submit your proposals by August 31 2015 to Include your name, your chosen topic, your institution, contact information, and one or two references. In addition, please include a 250-word abstract of your proposal.

All Proposals will be reviewed by the Social Equity Task Force of FOLD, and selected presenters will be contacted once final decisions have been made.

Current members of the task force include:

  • Tim Westbrook, chair
  • Cathleen Young
  • David May
  • Susan Disston
  • Wan How
  • Rollin Guyden
  • Kate Hill

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